Toki Achievement BAR or TAB for short, is a sales & rewards measurement benchmark for Toki holders.


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Future plans to develop Toki Universe in The Sandbox, Decentraland or any other metaverse such as Otherside is in talks and will soon be added to our roadmap. We might collaborate with Otherside with Bored Ape Yatch Club for metaverse developments. Exciting things are brewing, and you definitely do not want to miss out!


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The mission of DGallery is dedicated to preserving the diverse cultural heritage passed down by the Chinese community. The establishment of DGallery was the result of the founder, Mr. Yap, deep interest and love towards collecting all kinds of classical Chinese cultural relics which he regarded as important spiritual treasures for the Chinese people.


Toki Universal

Frequently Asked Question

How many NFTs are in the Toki Universe NFT Collection?

There are 10,000 unique NFTs in the Toki Universe Collection.

What network will Toki Universe build on?

Toki Universe will be built on Ethereum Network using ERC-721A Protocol.

Where is the NFT and metadata stored?

Toki Universe metadata will be stored on public IPFS network.

How can I mint a Toki?

You will need a few things to mint Toki

  • Ethereum (ETH): You will need ETH to mint. If you do not have ETH, we recommend acquiring ETH from sources such as Coinbase, Binance, and other reputable exchanges.
  • A wallet: this is where you store and use the Ethereum (ETH) needed for minting. We recommend MetaMask wallet.
  • Connect your wallet: Go to, connect your wallet using the “Connect Wallet” button on our website. Your Wallet will prompt you to “Sign” which is equivalent to giving us permission to connect your wallet.

What auction mechanism will be used for minting and why?

We are using Bucket Auction mechanism (Inspired by Doodles Bucket Auction) for minting and is open to everyone to submit their bid. We believed this is a fair distribution method as it let buyer determine the NFT true value. Beside, this method also allow users to avoid gas war as they have 36 hours to increase their bid.

What wallets are supported?

We recommend using MetaMask , which can be downloaded from the MetaMask website.

Where can I mint a Toki?

You will be able to mint from Toki Universe website when we open the minting feature. You can find the details on our social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. Always make sure you are on before connecting your wallet or minting!

When can I mint Toki?

2022/08/27 9:00 PM EST

When will Toki Universe reveal?

We will reveal soon after our sales concludes.

What are the secondary royalties?

The secondary royalties will be set at 6.0%. Proceeds from sales will be used to continue to hire more full-time employees like artist and moderator, fund operations and marketing.

Further questions

If you have further questions, you can contact us via email at [email protected].